GSP Working group

The GSP Working Group is made up of nominated representatives of all PRBB Centres. The aim of the group is: To actively share learning and good practice in scientific integrity amongst PRBB institutes, to catalyse the development of cross-institute educational initiatives and to act as an independent support and resource for PRBB institutes in cases of serious misconduct.

The PRBB Good Scientific Practice Working Group consists of the following members as of  January 2016:

IMIM: Roberto Elosua, Clara Pérez
CEXS-UPF: Elena Hidalgo, Jana Selent
CRG: Susana de la Luna,  ISA office rep – pending appointment 
CMRB: Sylvia Bedford
CREAL: Elisabeth Cardis, Joana Porcel
IBE: José-Luis Maestro, Elena Bosch
FPM: Karine Fauria
PRBB Consortium: Jordi Camí
PRBB Intervals: Elinor Thompson (chair), Eroteida Jiménez (secretary)
PRBB Communications: Maruxa Martínez
UPF/PRBB Science in Action: Maruxa Martínez, Eroteida Jiménez


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