2019 DCEXS-MM Advanced Leadership skills for women scientists


Organised by: DCEXS-UPF
Target group: Junior women scientists (predocs and postdocs).
Dates: 24th and 31st October, and 5th and 7th November 2019
Course description:  The percentage of female and male PhD students and postdocs in life sciences is roughly the same, but less than 25% of women reach a group leader position.

The aim of this course is to tackle this underrepresentation of women in PI positions, by providing participants with leadership and negotiation tools and boosting their self-confidence.

The course is part of the Gender Action Plan of the DCEXS María de Maeztu Strategic Research Programme.

Registration: For more information and to register please contact Regina López Aumatell (regina.lopez@upf.edu).

* Please remember that this courses are only open to the PRBB community.