GSP Training in the PRBB

The PRBB centres and the Consorci PRBB through the Intervals programme, regularly organise workshops related to good practice in science. Workshop topics of relevance to scientific integrity focus on helping scientists develop their relationship and leadership skills, as well as enhancing personal skills in awareness and critical thinking.

Below you’ll find a list  of all the courses and activities* that are offered at the level of the PRBB:

*Please note that these courses are only open to the PRBB community.

Organised by
Good scientific practice – fundamentals
Science in Action DCEXS-UPF
Sharpen your reasoning skills: logic and critical thinking for scientists Intervals
Working with others – Teamwork and leadership skills
Cross-cultural working: understanding diversity for enhanced scientific performance Intervals
Difficult conversations: how to make them easier Intervals
Effective team playing to achieve your goals Intervals
Emotional intelligence EMBL-Barcelona
Getting the right person for your team Intervals
Leading for success in science Intervals
Negotiating with confidence, inside or outside science Intervals
Peer mentoring scheme Intervals
Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Intervals
Data management and sharing 
Project management for scientists Intervals
Gender perspective in research
DCEXS_MM Advanced leadership skills for women scientists DCEXS-UPF
Training d’investigadors: evitant esbiaix de gènere ISGLOBAL

In addition the PRBB centres and the Intervals programme offer other training opportunities in skills that are essential for science professionals. Check with the HHRR o training department of your centre for more information.