foto espai de treballThe Code of Good Scientific Practice constitutes a framework for self-regulation. The content has been supervised and updated as part of the remit of the PRBB Good Scientific Practice Working Group (GSP Working Group).The GSP Working Group[1] is made up of nominated representatives of all PRBB Centres[2].

In the event of enquiries concerned with good scientific practice, each PRBB centre has nominated two contact individuals (GSP Centre Contacts)[3]. Any member of staff working in a PRBB Centre who has an enquiry regarding good practice should contact the Centre Contact of their affiliated institution in the first instance[4]. In the rare event of an issue that cannot be resolved by the Centre, an ad-hoc committee with representation from all PRBB Centres may be constituted under the leadership of the Director of the PRBB.

[1] See section 9

[2] The term “PRBB Centres” is used to refer to the following institutes collectively: the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM), the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences of the Pompeu Fabra University (CEXS-UPF), the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), Centre of Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona (CMRB), the Barcelona Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal), the Pasqual Maragall Foundation (FPM) and the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (IBE).

[3] For current GSP Centre Contacts for all issues related to good scientific practice please see the GSP Working Group.

[4] In the exceptional circumstance of conflicting interest with both Centre Contacts, individuals may contact the Director of the PRBB or the Chairperson of the GSP Working Group.

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