4. Research projects funded by the healthcare industry or other commercial enterprises

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4.1. Transparency and priority of interests
When knowledge and technology is exchanged or provided to private enterprises, public interests must always take priority, and therefore, complete transparency must be maintained in all agreements. It is recommended that directors of the PRBB Centres establish a conflict of interest policy that includes guidance for their researchers on protection of intellectual freedom and avoidance of excessive confidentiality agreements or unjustified publication restrictions.

4.2. Industrial property rights
When researchers who participate in a project promoted by industry make essential contributions to its design and execution, the necessary agreements will be established with the promoting organization to share the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights. Under those conditions, the promoting organization will have exclusive access to all results for a period of up to 90 days in order to assess their commercial potential.

4.3. Intellectual property rights
When a research group offers a technical service or researchers participate exclusively in the collection of data as part of a protocol developed by a third party, the conditions for communication and publication of the results obtained will be established by mutual agreement with the promoting entity, taking into account the principles indicated in Section 5.

4.4. Economic compensation
All commitments involving the funding body and the PRBB Centre(s) on which the person or persons responsible for the research depend will be recorded in the corresponding agreement(s). The agreement must include all aspects of economic compensation directly or indirectly relating to the research. These contracts shall be accessible to the organizations, committees, and individuals with responsibilities relating to the matters under agreement.