1. Supervision of researchers in training

PRBB 0081.1. Assignment of a supervisor
All individuals linked to a PRBB Centre either through a contract or grant in order to receive some form of training[5 will be assigned a supervisor.[6]


1.2. Responsibilities of supervisors
The supervisor defines the objectives and takes responsibility for the education of the individual in training, and should advise and guide the individual in order that the expectations of the initially proposed training may be fulfilled within the time allotted. Furthermore, the supervisor must provide the individual with the best possible conditions for the development of his or her future scientific career.

1.3. Limits to the number of individuals assigned to a single supervisor
The total number of trainees for whom a single supervisor is responsible should be appropriate and compatible with the extent of the supervisor’s obligations and commitments.

1.4. Rights and obligations of individuals in training
Trainees have rights and obligations that differ from those of contracted individuals in the centre. The supervisor should be especially diligent in ensuring that trainee scientists are not involved in performing tasks outside those prescribed by their training. Trainees should not participate in projects with commercial restrictions on the publication of results or that involve delays beyond those associated with procedures necessary for the commercial protection of the results obtained.

1.5. Obligations of supervisors
The specific obligations of supervisors are as follows: a) to interact personally with trainees for whom they are responsible on a regular basis in order to supervise the tasks with which the trainees are entrusted and ensure that those tasks are completed; b) to encourage regular meetings to discuss the progress of the assigned tasks and contribute to the scientific and technical development of the trainees; c) to monitor the working conditions of trainees and ensure that they receive appropriate health and safety training; d) to provide trainees with up-to-date information regarding legal requirements affecting scientific activities (see Section 8).

[5] Training as a scientist; this includes undergraduate students, postgraduates, individuals with diploma-level education and others.

[6] The term supervisor also refers to a tutor or thesis/project supervisor.


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